Starting orthodontic treatment is a big decision. At Apex, we want to make sure our patients have all the information they need to feel confident and comfortable to move forward with treatment. Below are some frequently asked questions by our patients, that should give you a better idea of what to expect. Feel free to call either of our offices for further information or additional questions.

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Orthodontics are worn by people of all ages. Anyone who wants to improve the look of their smile can benefit from braces, regardless of their age. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children to first visit an orthodontist around the age of 7, which allows for for an early evaluation of any future orthodontic needs.
The length of treatment varies based on the needs of each patient. In general, orthodontic treatments can range anywhere from 6 – 30 months, although the average time is somewhere closer to 22 months.
Wearing braces is typically not a painful process. Some patients may experience light soreness after a visit, however this discomfort rarely last more than a couple days. Once your mouth gets used to your braces, you will hardly notice them.
Yes! Continuing to visit your family dentist at regular intervals is important to your overall dental health. Your dentist will help to prevent cavities and gingivitis while you have your braces on, so once you get them off your teeth are straight and clean.
We recommend our patients to brush their teeth 3-4 times a day during their orthodontic treatment. Brushing regularly will help to remove any food that has been caught between your braces. It is also important to floss daily, to get in between your braces where your tooth brush can’t reach.
The goal of braces is to give each patient a beautiful straight smile. Sometimes removing teeth is necessary to provide the most balanced facial profile. Although, with the latest advances in orthodontic technology, it is not always necessary to remove teeth before treatment.
Of course! There is no reason to miss school after your visits to the orthodontist. Appointments are fast and easy, allowing for little interruption in the schedules of our patients.
Having braces shouldn’t interfere with your sports and other extracurricular activities. We do recommend our patients to wear a mouth guard for all sports.
Most people thinks braces are just for kids. In fact, a surprisingly high number of our orthodontic patients are adults. With treatment options like invsalign and clear ceramic braces, you are never “too old” to wear braces.