Why Choose Apex Orthodontics?

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The Apex Difference

Utilizing cutting edge technology, a highly trained staff, and multiple locations to make your treatment more convenient, Apex Orthodontics is unrivaled in our patient care and treatment effectiveness. Let us create the smile of your dreams, regardless of your age. Orthodontics are an affordable and efficient way to correct and shape your smile. With numerous treatment options, Apex has a solution perfect for you!

What Sets Us Apart

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There are two main types of brackets/braces used in orthodontic treatments today. The one most people are familiar with are called conventional ligation. These are brackets that use a rubber band or small steel wire to attach to the bracket to the wire. Self-Ligating braces have brackets that use a door system to attach the wire to the bracket. This eliminates the need for colorful rubber bands or tiny wires. Self-Ligating braces are typically make it easier to clean your teeth, are more comfortable, and require a shorter time frame with less appointments.
Ceramic braces utilize brackets made of clear materials, as compared to the typical metal brackets. Because of the more natural look, ceramic braces are typically the first choice for adults who desire a less noticeable orthodontic treatment.
Cone beam imagery, historically seen only in the medical field, is quickly transforming the diagnostic abilities of dentists. The 3D imaging technology allows for a detailed visualization of each patient’s mouth, allowing for a more personalized treatment plan and accurate assessment of each patient’s specific orthodontic needs.
With a digital impression system, we are able to get rid of the gagging and terrible taste typically associated with dental impressions. Not only are digital impressions more pleasant to the patient compared with the traditional “goop”, they allow for a more accurate and detailed representation of your teeth, with fewer remakes and discrepancies.
Our goal at Apex is to provide you with the most effective and efficient treatment possible. By providing every consultation with a free panoramic x-ray, we are able to more accurately predict the treatment needed. We want to hear what you want your mouth to look like, so we can give you the smile of your dreams. For further information on your complimentary consultation, visit: here.
An important part of orthodontic treatment is home care. We know that convincing kids to take proper care of their teeth and braces can sometimes be difficult. That is why we have created a points systems where kids are rewarded for their good home care. They have the ability to win great prizes from xbox, beats, kindle, and many more! Click here here for more details on the great prizes Apex Orthodontics offers.